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RICHARD LEONE Veteran voice over announcer

Today's technology allows you to file your News reports, Narration segments, Commercials, Promo's, even Film dialogues/Narration, and more all from our "World-wide Professional Studio's" ultilizing our "ISDN Global Network Feed System" with Full Broadcast Quality. Advance notice required for ISDN remote feeds.

Network Voice Promo's, Inc. offers the Highest Professional Quality in Promo's and Narration. This includes bilingual narrations and dialogues in english or spanish (male or female). Our talented voice- over staff are long established veterans of stage, screen, radio and TV series.

Previously Aired Voice Over Audio Examples

PBS Spots aired during and after the PBS specials which were produced to raise money for Public Television.

PBS Extraordinary
PBS Suze Orman
PBS Divas Live
PBS Applause
PBS Elmo
Entertainment Spotlight promo
Compilation of
WSVN News Programs/
Just Beautiful Music
Online sales of classic and easy
listeningCDs and recordings

Our voice-over studio's can facilitate any News Media Organization in need of Broadcasting any news story from the South Florida area, with reasonable rates on a hourly or weekly basis. Please call in advance for rates/booking information 305-756-7408. Full television production studio facilities available through WLRN Channel 17 located at 172 NE 15th Street in Miami.

Radio/Audio Studio full recording facilities are available at NVP Studio premises on the Intercoastal Waterway off the 79th Street Causeway in Miami.


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