Our studio can facilitate any news media organization in need of broadcasting from South Florida.
Our reasonable hourly rates are as follows:

ISDN Feeds Basis/Remote - $75.00 hourly (Minimum).

Full Production Voice-Over/Narration with use of in-house Network Music Library - $100.00 Hourly.

Straight Voice-Over/Narration - $75.00 per thirty-second spot commercial.

Straight Voice-Over/Narration - $100.00 per sixty-second spot commercial.

Global Network Hourly Feeds for Networks Affiliates/Associations - $75.00 (minimum two-hours).

Our studio offers state of the art equipment for use in broadcasting. Below is a brief list of some of our onsite equipment:

Adtran (terminal adapter) ISDN-System Equipment.
Zephyr/Kodak (periheral equipment).
Comrex DXR (digital converters).
Yahama 12 channel Audio Mixer
Phillips Compact Disc Recorder/Player.
Otari MX-5050 Reel to Reel Recorder.
Marantz Professional Audio Cassette Recorder/Player.
Microphones Electro-Voice RE-27 , Shure SM-87 .

Please call In advance for specific equipment needs 305-756-7408.


Network Voice Promos,Inc.
7751 N.E.Bayshore Court/Suite-2D. Miami, Florida 33138
Phone: 305-756-7408 (Office) / 305-756-7408 (Fax)


Richard A. Leone, Producer - 305-756-7408 - n_v_p@bellsouth.net

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